Amazon Wants You to Help Make Alexa Smarter

While Alexa can answer a lot of different questions, there are still gaps in her knowledge. Amazon would like Alexa to know the answer to every single question. And the company is asking for your help in making that happen using Alexa Answers.

Right now, it’s possible to argue that Alexa is stupid. Certainly as stupid as other “smart” assistants such as Siri and Cortana. The point is they all have their limitations, which means it’s really easy to trip them up with a difficult question.

How to Get Started Using Alexa Answers
Amazon’s answer to this is to ask you to help make Alexa smarter. In December 2018, Amazon launched Alexa Answers as an invitation-only program. The idea being to teach Alexa new things by crowdsourcing the task to Alexa users.

Now, Amazon is opening Alexa Answers up to everyone who wants to get involved. All you need to do is visit the Alexa Answers website and sign in. You can then browse questions until you find one you can answer, and submit the necessary information.

Amazon has added an element of gamification to Alexa Answers. This means you’ll earn points every time Alexa shares one of your answers. You’ll also be able to track how many answers you’ve contributed, how many times Alexa has shared your answers, and more.

To guard against trolls and misinformation Alexa Answers will rely on a combination of human moderators, automated filters, and a rating system for answers. And Alexa will add that an answer is “according to an Amazon customer” in case it’s wrong.

The Funniest Questions You Can Ask Alexa
Alexa Answers is a sensible solution to the problem of making Alexa smarter. While Google can use its indexing system to find the answers to questions, Amazon doesn’t have that luxury. We just have to hope that Alexa users are both intelligent and trustworthy.

We assume you’ve spent at least a few minutes firing questions at Alexa in the hopes of tripping her up intellectually. If not, then you should definitely check out our list of the funniest questions you can ask Alexa.